lives in our DNA

Innovation lives in our DNA

3i Precast Concrete is more than just a well-honed team of precast concrete experts. We’re on a mission to change how the construction industry approaches both commercial and residential builds – while minimizing the environmental impact associated with construction.

Our team consists of business experts with seasoned knowledge of the construction industry and scientifically minded individuals (and sometimes those lines cross!). As a team, we consistently challenge ourselves and our peers by questioning ourselves and our processes, with the desired end result being a seamless installation for our clients, and a high-quality finished product for their clients.

Sustainable from start to finish

Our success as a business is reliant upon how well we integrate with our supply chain, resources, and team members. We strive to understand their needs and care for their longevity or prosperity.

From day one, we’ve championed an ergonomic and supportive environment for employees. We maintain a careful schedule that encourages a work/life balance and a team culture that fosters a sense of well-being.

We believe in sustainability in all aspects of the project lifespan – not just materials. From an environmental perspective, we optimize material transportation by designing and building our concrete wall panels off of the construction site, which means we use less gas during that one-time transport. This way of operating also helps us reduce onsite waste; where we’re designing and building offsite, the only thing we’re doing onsite is installing. When we build, we maximize use of materials, reuse what waste we can, and properly recycle everything else.

From a client perspective offsite construction helps construction move along at much faster rate – at a much lower cost – which in turn increases revenue turnaround time. As we know, the costs of each day a contract spends on site can be costly, so we mitigate that by using what time we have onsite wisely and efficiently.

Our Process

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Benefits Included

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Our Values


At 3i Precast, our team is all about ensuring that projects get done quickly and efficiently - while never sacrificing quality. We’re inspired by rigorous research and development processes and cutting edge technology ensures we consistently produce precast panels exactly to spec.


Our partnerships are forged with honesty and loyalty. When we think of how we’d like our clients to see us, we imagine a reliable friend - always dependable, never stuffy.


We pride ourselves on our sustainable products, both for how they’re made and how they help the end-user. Our precast concrete contains only a third of the materials normally used in regular concrete walls. The finished product is soundproof, water resistant, flame resistant, and energy-efficient.

Our Team

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