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With 3i Precast, we help our clients easily access innovative, eco-friendly high performance wall panels, so they can provide their clients with durable, energy-efficient, and multi-generational construction solutions.

What we do

At 3i Precast, we’re on a mission to shift the way the construction industry looks at traditional building methods by revolutionizing the way we talk about precast concrete.

3i Precast Concrete’s core team has been in the construction business for combined 25+ years. We bring a combination of business expertise, thorough construction knowledge, and engineering prowess. 

We believe in partnerships with our commercial clients, and strive for long-term relationships that help to modernize the construction process. We value transparency, innovation, research and development, and are constantly seeking to improve our processes and how we function as a team and a business.

With 3i Precast Concrete’s high performance wall panels, you can expect high-quality, durable materials and a partnership infused with integrity, so that your projects aren’t just safe, but multi-generational.

Quick and Efficient Building Solutions

Precast concrete is a low cost and time efficient construction solution. Precast takes only days to fulfill, making it easy for builders and developers to hit quotas without sacrificing quality.

Resilient and Durable

Sturdy precast concrete is fire-resistive, weatherproof, and sports a high-quality finish that protects structures from the elements.

Leading With Innovation

Inspired innovation and meticulous product development is ingrained in our DNA at 3i Precast. We cast our concrete foundation walls in a controlled environment with little room for error. Our custom approach ensures a product built exactly to specification.

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Our MIssion


in our quest for better solutions, state of the art technology, ask “why” and rethink and always improve. Our Building System is flexible is designed to match customer needs.


as consequence, we learn and we bring it to practice. We make it happen. We practice continuous improvement. Our panels are lighter in weight, than traditional cast in place concrete. Easy to move around and more efficient. (Save up to 40% in material)


Means the type of technology we use give us a holistic view, 360° view of the process. It’s about our openness to talk to our client, understand their need and cooperate.  Integrated means that our engineered solutions needs to add value to all of our stakeholders (the company, clients, partners).

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